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7 the effect of vitamin C

7 the effect of vitamin C

7 the effect of vitamin C

Vitamin C is not strange, but not everyone is aware of the effects of vitamin C. These useful effects below will help you understand more about the importance of this nutrient.
Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid. It exists in our body in two forms D and L, participation in various activities of the body. D format no biological activity. L when oxidized form first moved into dehydro ascorbic acid (slightly stained) remain biologically active vitamin C. If further oxidation will continue to diketo golunat (dark yellow) loss of biological activity of vitamin C.

1. To promote the formation of collagen

When vitamin C, collagen synthesis problems, slow healing of wounds caused hemorrhage resulting in many different levels (broken capillaries, bleeding under the skin, bleeding gums), the pulse is weak … phenomena often seen in scurvy.

2. Quality activating enzyme

Vitamin C may protect vitamin A, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids from being destroyed; made in food safety is maintained in the state reverted, promote absorption and transfer of iron storage in the body. Make calcium in the intestine does not precipitate, improves absorption rate of calcium in the body. Join the reaction of the hydroxide cholesterol cholic acid, are most effective in the treatment of anemia.

3. To participate in the metabolism of cholesterol

Helped 80% of cholesterol metabolism to a water-soluble sulfate excretion from the body, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood; remove cholesterol buildup in the arteries; increasing the useful components of the blood as lipoproteins, have important implications in the prevention of atherosclerosis.

4. Join the excretion of toxins from the body

Continue oxidation of glutathione (diketo golunat) along with the toxins in the body is excreted.

5. Cancer Prevention

The reduction in the digestive tract of vitamin C to prevent the formation of nitrosamines, effectively prevent the occurrence of gastrointestinal tumors; Besides vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen, which helps interstitial cells maintain normal structure, reduce the development of cancer cells.

6. Anti-cold

Vitamin C may improve disease resistance of immune cells and enhance the body’s immunity and humoral immunity, eliminate pathogenic factors, keeping the respiratory system is preserved. When the lack of it, epithelial cells in the trachea disease resistance and reduced bronchial. The experiments show that, taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C per day could reduce by 50% the risk of colds and reduce 23% of cold and flu symptoms.

7. Protect the skin, anti-wrinkle

Vitamin C is the enzyme activator, can increase the activity of a number of metals, which helps the skin against free radicals generated by UV light, to avoid the appearance of freckles, promote metabolism , help prevent skin aging.

– Vitamin C is mainly found in fresh vegetables. The VC-rich foods such as oranges, apples, medlar, lemon, kiwi, tomatoes, green peppers, bean sprouts, broccoli and a variety of dark green vegetables.

– If diet is not enough to meet the needs of the body of vitamin C, it can be replaced with additional pellets (2-3 capsules per day). Vitamin C is water soluble. If the amount of Vitamin C in the body of excess, they will automatically excreted from the body, non-toxic. In addition, smokers, aspirin, oral contraceptives, often psychological stress and work in hot environment can enhance vitamin C supplement for the body.

– Cosmetic products generally contain more vitamin C, used improperly will cause side effects. Vitamin C has strong permeability, excessive use makes the skin dehydrated, dry red skin and even skin irritation. Vitamin C is found in cosmetics can be prepared in many forms. So, women want to look beautiful, use fresh vegetables and fruits to the absorption of vitamin C is better.

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