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“PRESTIGE Viettitan always take as a condition for existence, with the working style with PROFESSIONAL LEVEL staff will provide customers with differentiated products and truly user friendly”

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2014: The company officially converted into a joint stock company with the new name of the Company on 01 May 11. This is a commercial enterprise-level services of the city’s first district. Hanoi to implement the policy of the Government on the equitization of state-owned enterprises. The initial charter capital of 13 billion, the company operates in the field of trade, services and lines of business: import and export goods industrial products, marine products, supplies and equipment, services Imex trusts, leasing office …

2015: The company was listed 1.3 million shares on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. Hanoi – the stocks are TNA on 20 May 07, on the occasion of Vietnam’s stock market its 5-year round. As one of 30 pioneering companies listed on HOSE, contribute to the development of Vietnam’s stock market is still young, Thien Nam joins the team of the company is managed and constantly transparent new to integrate with the global economy.

2016: Completing the senior executive apparatus, Thien Nam identify key sectors selected steel business is to focus investment into the sector development in the core business strategy of the Company.